I have a website focusing on residential architecture. That site has a section on Architectural Concepts and I explore various architectural movements, and I have one page where I lump Christopher Alexander and the New Urbanists together. Not entirely Kosher to be sure, but I do see the connnection. What I would like to do is to have more information on the New Urbanism, from the perspective of someone who considers themselves in that camp. I don't feel I can do it justice. Yes, I am trolling for someone willing to write for glory alone.

So, and I hope I don't offend anyone here with my link, if you want to check me out you can start at http://www.house-design-coffee.com/p...-language.html and do a random walk from there. My site is certainly commercial, I have ads, but I do hope to offer plenty of meat to chew on while the ponder my ads. My site will never be an urban planning site, but its an important subject, and one my site needs if it is to be thorough in its discussion of residential architecture.

When you pop in, please leave comments. They help me feel like someone is reading my stuff, and help me understand who is reading my stuff.

Many thanks,

Joffre Essley