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Thread: CDBG and Census Tracts

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    CDBG and Census Tracts

    I'm filling out an application for a CDBG project and I need some help. Even with 16 years of experience I've simply never had to deal with any CDBG/census stuff before. Anyway, I seem to keep finding conflicting information when trying to get demographic information about census tracts. Is there a single place I can find the low/low mod income data as well as race, ethnicity and disable population info? Thanks.
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    Start at Census.gov. Some of the data may be from the 2000 and/or 2010 Census, some may have to be gathered from the American Community Survey.

    The requirements keep changing but I understand that CD is moving to a tract-only system of determining eligibility, and may require use of a certain census (2010). But when in doubt, get the info where you can.

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