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Thread: Fresh graduate: a few job search questions

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    Fresh graduate: a few job search questions

    Graduated in December with an undergraduate degree in Planning and another in Geography/GIS, minor in Biology.

    Ive been applying several places, mostly as a GIS Tech because I get the sense that without a masters degree a planning job will not be something I stand much of a chance at getting, at least in this economy. I've been running in to several problems, most notably what to do when the Potential Employer requests you to email your Resume and Cover Letter. I do not understand what the typical etiquette is here. Do I email a attached copy of both with a short email, or attach the resume and use the email as my cover letter? What format do most employers want the Cover Letter/Resume to be in?

    The undergrad planning major at my school is NOT accredited. Is this an issue going forward? From what Ive read, it seems this is really only applicable to masters degrees as undergrad programs aren't generally accredited anyways?

    One last thing, how important is a portfolio? Are they generally still asked for during interviews?

    Thanks for any help you can give!

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    I would recommend attaching the cover letter and resume as a file. I also recommend a PDF instead of Word, as you cannot be sure which version they have and you want to be sure it is correctly formatted. The fact that your degree program was not accredited is mostly irrelevant. Despite what your university told you, where you get your degree counts for very little in the big picture of the hiring decision. (Like many other things, it may factor into the final decision, mostly if the person hiring has a bias - pro or con - concerning the univeristy.) Do prepare a portfolio to bring to the interview, whether that ask for it or not. When called upon to answer questions, refer to examples from that portfolio.
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