Hello everybody,

By advance thanks to those who will help me with my issue.

I am about to get a Swiss bachelor in geography, and plan to pursue my education with a master in urban planning.

I am from Switzerland, and I am actually doing an exchange program in a North American University for one year. I enjoyed my time so much here that Im thinking of staying 2 more years to do a master here, and then I would return work back home or maybe work here in the US for one year if possible.

My questions are the following:
Do you think this project of getting a US master and then going back to work is doable? Are you aware of anyone with such a professional path? Are US urban planning degree generally recognize in Europe?

Now another question regarding the American universities deadline: I know for most of the schools the deadline has already passed or is about to, but do you know about the chances of getting admitted even if I apply late?

Thank you for your help.