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Thread: Study abroad project ideas

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    Jul 2011

    Study abroad project ideas

    Hello, all.

    I don't frequent this site these days, but I could use some ideas for a project. I am a geography undergrad specializing in GIS. I've been intending to go on to a planning Masters, but for now I'm exploring spatial data and the GIS side of things.

    I was lucky enough to earn a position in a 3 week study abroad program with my department this summer. We will be visiting Frankfurt, Abu Dhabi, and Tokyo. Each student is to design a mapping/spatially-oriented project to start in one of the cities we visit. I chose Abu Dhabi, as I am intrigued by its modern cityscape and planned urban form. However, I am finding it difficult to narrow my project down into one specific aspect of the city. Ideally I would like to do some spatial analysis on one aspect like city's land use, transportation networks, infrastructure, water bodies, greenspace, etc. We are to use GIS data so I need to think in terms of what data I might be able to get my hands on. We will be visiting government departments there, most likely the country's national mapping agency, so I should be able to gain access to some data. Not sure if I'll be able to work with the Abu Dhabi Planning Dept., though.

    So, any ideas? I'm excited to hear what other people might find interesting to do there.


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    Jul 2008
    As you pointed out, what data is available to you is what will determine what you can do with your project. If nothing else, you may have to generate your own data from aerials. Fortunately this isn't too difficult since you can utilize imagery from Bing maps in Arc.

    As for ideas, one thing I like using in ArcGIS is the spatial analysis extension. You can use the weighted reclass feature to generate suitability maps for various things. How good they turn out largely depends what data you use, the quality of the data, and how you decide to weigh various things.

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