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Thread: ArcView GIS 10?

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    Sep 2010
    Middle America

    ArcView GIS 10?

    I have had a couple error messages with my ArcView 10. The pop-up box (ArcMap Drawing Errors) reads as follows:
    • One or more layers failed to draw:
      • The index passed was not within the valid range.
    There are about 60 of messages. I have restarted ArcView. I have also had it re-installed and to no avail. I have tried to reconnect my zoning layer, aerial photograph layers amongst others and when I zoom in to an area or scroll my cursor, I get the error message.

    Any GIS pros out there that have had a similar problem?


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    Apr 2009
    Northern Michigan
    Ugh. I wish ESRI would concentrate on fixing this type of problem and polishing the existing release, rather than pushing to put out new versions, as I've had similar things happen quite a bit. I've never had it persist after shutting down the project and reopening. Most of the time it's my aerials that fail to display.

    Best thing to do is to call customer service. Good luck understanding the tech, as they are probably in India and there may be a bit of a language barrier. The amount of glitches with this software can be extremely frustrating. Good luck.

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