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Thread: 2012 Concert Season (and other events)

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    2012 Concert Season (and other events)

    So with March almost upon us, many summer concert tours and festivals have already been announced, tickets have gone on sale, and people are already planning their summer concert-going schedules. As an avid fan of live music, I always look forward to going to as many shows as I can. Budgets are still tight for many people though (including yours truly), and thus many people are planning accordingly. For instance, many may be opting to get the cheap seats, will only buy tickets to see their favorite band, are going to multiple-headliner shows where they can get more bang for their buck, or may be opting to go to their local town festival for more affordable live music. As an example of me being budget-conscious, I am foregoing Van Halen this year, as I know both Aerosmith and Van Halen tickets are expensive, and I just can't do both this year.

    Nevertheless, I'm pretty excited about this concert season. Here's who I'm planning to see:
    • Aerosmith. They are slated to tour North America this summer in support of their new album, which is supposed to be released in May. I'm anticipating a June or July date from them in the greater Chicago-Milwaukee area. I just hope it isn't the same day as these other shows...
    • ZZ Top. They will be coming to my local suburban "Ribfest". Ribfest tix are usually pretty cheap, but the park often reaches capacity fairly quickly, so I intend to get there in the afternoon.
    • Country Thunder. A 4-day country music festival in mid-July in Twin Lakes, WI. A rowdy party atmosphere and good ol' American country music. Doesn't get better than that. I will be camping on-site with a couple friends of mine. I secured the last available campsite too! This is a very popular festival that sells out quickly. This is my first time going to a festival/camping thing like this, so it should definitely be an interesting experience. The headliners include Toby Keith, Jason Aldean, Big & Rich, Luke Bryan, Blake Shelton, and Dwight Yoakam. Should be a good time. I'm treating this as a more affordable mini-vacation.

    So, who do you have tickets for this season? Who do you want to see? Will you be going to a major festival like Lollapalooza, Coachella, etc? Is Survivor or Firehouse or some other band from yesteryear coming to play in your little town? Going to any other events, like a day at the ballpark or racetrack?
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    I wanted to make it to Bonnaroo this year, but it doesn't look likely. I told my wife we could take my parents RV and take our daughter with us. What 2-year-old wouldn't enjoy that? The idea didn't go over so well. I am however holding out for the possibility of an October road trip with a buddy of mine to go to Halifax for the Halifax pop explosion. I've also been to Lollapolooza and Coachella a bunch of times each. Personally, I really like the big festival format (the only one I still have to knock off my list is Austin City Limits). Depending on the available accommodations, the value is just so good for how much you get to see. I think of all the ones I've been to (Lollapolooza, Coachella, Bonnaroo, Voodoo Music Fest, Rothbury, Sasquatch...) Bonnaroo is probably the best value just because it is nearly an entire week's worth of music and the festivities go nearly 24/7 and Lollapolooza always seemed the most well managed.

    This coming Saturday, The Black Keys are in town and in May The Shins are playing and I am headed to both of those. My wife and I are also planning to go see The Beach Boys when they swing through in June.

    And there are a bunch of decent shows coming to the complex that my bowling league plays at (M83, Spiritualized, Mayer Hawthorne, Neon Indian, School of Seven Bells...). One of the guys on our team did some graphics work for the owner of the bowling alley/theater and has managed to get us perpetually on "The List" so we can get into anything we want there for free. The only one I am definitely going to is Spiritualized, anything else I will go to as my schedule permits.
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    I'm taking my son to see Al Yankovic in April. He's an 11 year old boy and super psyched. I might also be 11, because I am pretty pumped as well.
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    This year I've finally decided no more multi-day music fests. They are a lot of fun, but too expensive and too crowded. I already have tickets to see Radiohead in 2 weeks and I'm keeping my eyes open for maybe 1 or 2 other shows this year.

    *keeping my fingers crossed I get to see Black Keys again soon*
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    Not too many big names come through my little neck of the woods, but I did see G Love and Special Sauce last night. they rocked. They also definitely like cold beverages.
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    Quote Originally posted by wahday View post
    I'm taking my son to see Al Yankovic in April. He's an 11 year old boy and super psyched. I might also be 11, because I am pretty pumped as well.
    Weird Al must be old as hell, he was my first concert and I think I was only a couple years older than your son...

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