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Thread: Riverfront planning project

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    Oct 2011

    Riverfront planning project

    Hello. I have a project I must do. Any help would be appreciated, including beginner books on riverfront planning or urban planning (if those books would help me dealing with my riverfront).
    The project information:

    Project: "Riverfront redevelopment, planning and revegetation project"

    The teritory's area that has to be planned is 0,5 square kilometers. The river crosses the teritory. It is 66 meters in width. The river itself is marked as a place of protected species habitat in Natura 2000. Nearly 200 meters from it's banks there are housings, there are also trails along each side of a river which are also deteriorated. Between the river and housings there can be seen stripes of grass. The project's scale is 1:2000.

    Main problem which bothers me is that I don't know where to start. I had no formal education in urban planning so I am not very sure how to plan the teritory in accordance to this scale or how to implement the theory which I read (I red some books like Ecological riverfront design). I know about such things as zoning but not in detail. I would be able to tell what's good or bad for the river by reading books about riverfront, however I had no practise or how the plans are developed. And so, when I see the other projects of rivers being developed in very small scales (1:20000 for example) I conclude that I must plan in smaller scale too (smaller than 1:2000) because my teritory is just a part of it and then I get confused and so on.

    If you can, please also tell me approximately whether it is possible to do project in three months ( from your experience) or not.
    Here's the teritory (if i inserted the link correctly).

    Thank you very much.

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    Nov 2009
    The Glass City
    I highly recommend hiring a planning consultant to help you. You will not get the site specific information you need to address this project for free on an online community. Look for local urban and environmental planning consultants in your area and talk to them. Good luck!
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    You may want to contact these folks:

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    Late reply...

    What grade did you get for the course?

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    Jan 2013
    Quote Originally posted by vmgillen View post
    What grade did you get for the course?
    hahaha thats exactly what I thought too...

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