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Thread: Reconnecting with old friends.

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    Apr 2003
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    Reconnecting with old friends.

    Over the weekend I finally had a chance to meet up with a guy I worked with at my very first job. We haven't seen each other in over a decade. Turns out he works for the county over from me. It was awesome catching up and seeing how each other's lives have changed over the past years. We are both married with multiple young kids. Both in very different mindsets than we were when we started our careers, and while many things have changed, it was nice to see that he is still a great guy. I am also really impressed at how he has turned out. He has a great wife, seems like a good job, and seems really happy. Now that we live fairly close to each other and have kids the same age, I am hope we will hang out more often. It was obvious in the way he was raising his kids that they will be the type of kids I hope my kids hang out with.

    But sometimes reconnecting with old friends does not go as well. There was a guy who I was friends with in HS and had not seen in 10 years until I ran into him in the grocery store in Grand Rapids. We met up for a beer and I realized that he had gone from being a really good guy in HS to a completely different person. He had been divorced twice, done some time for drug possession, had been in and out of jobs for a while, and was so arrogant that I wanted to knock him off his bar stool several times. Not just for what he was saying to me, but the way he was treating other people. I though maybe he was having a bad day, but every time I asked him if he wanted to do something, golf, lunch, skiing, going to watch a hockey game, he was always busy with something. We never did meet up. I don't even know if he still lives in GR.

    Have you ever had the opportunity to reconnect with old friends after a relocation? How did it go? How much did that friend change? Was it for the better or worse?
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    During my last trip north, I had dinner with some people I had graduated with. These are the types that had never really left the town we graduated from, except for college for those that went. I got a reminder as to why I had left and not really been much in contact with them.
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    Weekend before last I was visited by an old high school friend who I have only seen once since graduation. That was...30 years ago. His daughter was with him who is my son's age. And he is a doctor. Crazy to trace all the journeys our lives have taken since we were such wee babes (or so high school seems from my current vantage point)
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