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Thread: BRT and colleges

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    Oct 2011
    Saratoga, NY

    BRT and colleges

    Hey all, I am writing a section of a paper for my class at UAlbany dealing with the proposed BRT line coming to the city and its impact on UAlbany and St. Rose campuses/students/faculty/etc. I am trying to find any previous studies or articles that may talk about BRT lines and campuses and a special factor. I know there is are a couple TRB articles, but they mainly focus on commuter bus routes, not BRT. Any suggestions? Thanks.

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    Jul 2008
    I know Fort Collins, CO has started work on a BRT line between the Colorado State campus and their downtown. The thing has been in the planning stages for about a decade and should be completed in 2014. I don't know of any scholarly articles on it but here's their website with all the design documents which could be helpful.

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    Nov 2002
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    The University of Minnesota has an extensive set of bus lines that connect various parts of the metro region to the U. Those are generally just normal buses. However, it does also have lines called the Campus Connectors that connects the Minneapolis and main Saint Paul campuses that runs on its own right-of-way through an industrial area (the U of M transitway). The transitway has grade crossings just like a railroad- a really cool way to get to class. I never heard it called BRT at the time but clearly that is what it is:


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