Hi everyone,

Been lurking the site for a while now, hope I haven't missed these questions being asked already.
I'm just over halfway through my undergraduate program (double major poli sci/geography). It seems that my postgrad ambitions change every year, but lately I've been looking into the feasibility of turning my longstanding interest in human geography and urban design into a career, via a Master of Planning/Urban Dev/etc etc
I fell in love with Australia a long time ago and have been looking for a way back ever since. Can anyone provide with insight as to which two year masters programs in planning there have the best reputation? I would prefer a program with a more technical emphasis, however I know very little about the present state of planning education in Australia. I emphasis two years length as its advantageous for visa purposes, as is attending a program in a regional area (i.e. outside the capital cities or in SA).
How difficult is it for an international student to gain acceptance into these programs?
Also, I've been reading some pretty gloomy things about the state of the urban planning job market, both in Canada and Australia. Are planners still in demand in Australia, and are there any forecasts on the job market over the next 5 years?
Finally, any guidance on which units of study should be emphasized in a masters program in order to make oneself an attractive candidate for private sector jobs?

Thanks a lot, looking forward to contributing more to the Cyburbia community in the future!