I'm trying to avoid re-inventing the wheel or paying our city attorney, but my searches have come up empty so I thought I'd try here.

I'm working on a draft contract between my city and a contractor for grant-sponsored design work of a new building. The City holds the grant, which is to fund design and permitting only (no bricks and mortar) of a building that will not be owned or operated by the City. The scope includes the contractor getting all required City permits. I'd like to include language in the contract that essentially says that the contractor and related applications will be reviewed under the same standards as any other applicant, and, essentially, that the City will not provide any preferential treatment to the contractor in obtaining these permits.

I think we could/should re-use this language for any time a City is an applicant for its own properties.

Does anybody have any language like this already? I do not count contracts among my strongest of skill sets.

Thanks in advance (and I hope I posted this to the correct forum)!!