I posted this in the Student Lounge, but thought it applies here also:

I have been exploring the possibility of going to grad school for something in the vein of Planning or Urban Design. I have a Bachelor's in Civil Engineering with most of my real world experience in roadway design. I'm not that young or urban and barely professional so going to Harvard or MIT is not in my future. I have found that University of Florida is staring an online program this fall and am slightly interested.

My question is mainly what will be the anticipated benefits to having a master's in planning with an Engineering background and specifically in the Engineering Consulting world. Will it end up being superfluous in terms of pay or regarded as a "fluff" degree when it comes to career advancement? I do have an interest in the theoretical approach to planning and it is something that I think will bring me enjoyment in learning and applying, but having a family to support I have to be more pragmatic. If anyone is or has been in a similar situation, please share what you have learned.


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