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Thread: lowest paid europlanning jobs

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    lowest paid europlanning jobs

    did anyone else see the job opening in that was advertised in stadt reinheitsgebot? entry level planner, and they only offered €95.000 per annum, 16 weeks of paid vacation, a €100 deductible for elective cosmetic surgery, and, get this, only an opel insignia for the staff auto! mein gott! how do they expect planners to live on that? maybe they will find some desperate recent planning graduate from greece or turkey who will accept such a paltry salary.
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    you cannot be serious. 16 weeks only of paid vacation? that is scarcely more than the standard 14 weeks offered to newly hired register clerks at aldi's. and they expect to get university-educated candidates to respond? absurd I say! I suppose you will next tell us they offered no monthly allotment of cinema tickets?
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    I thought beer or wine at lunch was a minimum ?

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