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Thread: Why did the city planners do this in Canada

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    Nov 2010
    Washington, DC metro area
    Doesn't look New Urbanist to me. Too much surface parking that could be otherwise useful real estate. I don't see the density/attention to the pedestrian experience/use mixing that I feel it would need to meet that classification.

    One thing I feel that has been instrumental in development patterns a-la big box style is the proximity of land to freeway offramps/large arterial roads. Given the large amount of car traffic that is delivered (and can be expected to be delivered in the future), there really is no impetus to stress density or the pedestrian environment at the sake of traffic movement. the point is to get the automobile traffic off the freeway, into the parking lot of the mall, and back onto the freeway with as much ease as possible. There doesn't seem to be a driving urge to incorporate residences into these developments, as infrastructure can bring mass amounts of people to the location on a whim.

    On another note, it will be interesting to see how the redevelopment of Tyson's Corner due to the introduction of the Metro proceeds, I think we'll learn a lot from that.

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    Apr 2007
    These types of building like two pictures at the start of the thread started in 60's in the US and Canada.This started do to street hierarchy of suburbs . The arterials before the 60's the speed limit was lower and more intersection. The reason for arterials to have little to no building is to cut down on curb cuts and intersection this can pump up arterials to almost highway like with little to no curb cuts and intersection thus higher speed limit . Also the public out cry of through traffic and dangers of pulling in and out of your drive way on arterials .

    The problem with this street hierarchy is city of 700,000 people would have only handful of arterials to get any where in the cities and lots and lots of traffic on the arterials .Where older cities before 60's with population of 700,000 people would have 4 or more times the arterials to get any where in the cities thus traffic is more spread out and less traffic on the road and lower driving speed and allow more curb cuts and intersection .

    Some US cities mostly south west and in Florida have not gone to what Canada has gone to with limiting stores , retail and office and factories on arterials .

    Other problem with this street hierarchy is it makes the city feel very disconnected and very boring looking when driving and walking.

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