Hello everyone,

I'm currently applying for MPH programs in areas of public health such as health policy and management, but I am also interested in urban planning, but I have a few questions and concerns.

1. Is it possible to get into an urban planning PhD program with an MPH in health policy and management or epidemiolgy or environmental health?

2. What specific job opportunities and salary expectations can one with a PhD in urban planning expect to get over one with just a masters in that field, or an MPH.

3. I've looked at a few dual degree programs (MPH/MUP) in which you get both degrees in three years. Do you think that this is worth it to get two degrees for the extra time/money sink? The advantages I think I can think of being overall more knowledgeable and well rounded to go into either field, and the possibility of paying for the degree with an assistantship from the other field.

My undergrad background in environmental studies, economics, and math. How would this translate well into these fields?