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Thread: Associations AIB Favorite Scents

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    Jul 2006
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    Associations AIB Favorite Scents

    Are there scents that trigger particularly strong mental/visceral associations for you? Maister mentioned a particular woman's perfume. I can relate to that as well with one that invariably reminds me of a high school sweetheart but the strongest one for me is the smell of machine oil. My dad was a machinist and always smelled like that when he came home from work. I'm long gone from living at home and he passed away 15 years ago but that scent will still bring back memories.
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    Two strong associations

    1) White Shoulders perfume: I had a girlfriend who wore it and even though the relationship was not my most healthy, I think about her whenever I smell it. I still miss her sometimes.

    2) The smell of skunk: reminds me of the smell of really good pot. I associate the smell not so much with the pot but of the friends I used to get baked with. Every time I pass a freshly-dead skunk on the road and that smell gets into the car, I remember them and those good times we had. I miss them more and more. Two of them died.
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    Onions browning in butter - the start of a dish my mother would usually make for holiday family reunions - tends to remind me of Thanksgiving and Christmas as a kid.
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    In addition to the already mentioned association, the scent of Kiwi shoe polish instantly triggers a very early childhood memory of my grandfather. I vividly recall him removing his wooden shoe polish kit from the closet and showing me how to polish shoes. I don't shine shoes very often these days, but the only kind of polish I will buy is Kiwi.
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    Black Cherry Pipe Tobacco always reminds me of my granddad. He smoked a pipe all the time and only used the one type of tobacco. He's been gone 20 years, but I still remember the aroma that clung to his clothes.

    Wet cardboard reminds me of moving in the rain as a kid. Not pleasant and not something I want to repeat.
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    An on again, off again relationship I have with a woman. She wears a very distinctive perfume.
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