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Thread: Any advice on the new GRE and prep?

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    Jun 2011

    Any advice on the new GRE and prep?

    Hey folks, I will be taking the new GRE in a few weeks, and I wanted to know if you had some study materials that worked for you..

    Also any advice on the test in general, like questions etc.


    This has been a long journey for me to get turned down by colleges because of my low GRE scores, and now coming to the realization im gonna try again and improve my scores, cause I wanna be a planner and nothing else.

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    You should take the practice test on the official website. I think this will give you a general idea (and the most accurate) of what your scores will be. I studied for a few months and i learned a few hundred new vocabulary words. Think it was a barons book.

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    Aug 2011
    I worked several books and the explanation part was pretty good in all of them, I think. To me the most important were the practice tests and as far as I can remember the Barron's software always crashed.

    I liked the Princeton Review and the official ETS book better; but Barron's and Kaplan's were not bad either. Simply do as many practice question as you can!

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    Mar 2012
    West of the Mississippi
    I bought the Barron's flash cards as well as the general Barron's book. I studied the math most of the time, and had the lady quiz me on vocab while we were in the car. The week before I read through each and every one of the math flash cards and began the verbal.

    The night before the GRE, I made sure to read through each one of the verbal cards, and I think the results were alright: 161v (89%), 155q (69%), 4.5aw (72%)

    In reality, most of the tools work just fine. Another money saving tool is an iPhone/iPad app called GRE Toolkit. It allows you to download the flashcards that are nearly 100% identical to the ones in the Barron's deck. I think it was $5.00, and worked wonders in the car.

    Good luck!

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    Oct 2006
    Cambridge, MA
    Bought a Kaplan study guide, as well as a flash card app. Both were well worth it. The book has helpful strategies for each type of question, and the free online tests included were very helpful b/c they were set up exactly the way the real test was (i.e. timing-wise and the fact that it's computer adaptive). This was from last year (i.e. just before the GRE changed), but I'm sure Kaplan's on top of the new format.

    I say all this despite my general loathing for Kaplan as an organization, and the GRE as a further hoop that has to be jumped through for grad school.

    Basically, just get a good study guide and put in a bit of time every day for a month or two rather than trying to cram for it in the final week.

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