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Thread: Revitalization Case Study Wyandanch Rising

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    Revitalization Case Study Wyandanch Rising

    Has anyone here heard about the Wyandanch redevelopment project in Long Island, New York? I recently wrote about the plan on a website called Reurbanist and was wondering if I can solicit your feedback in regards to the article's content/quality/or the project itself. Any feedback is more than welcomed!

    Revitalization Case Study Wyandanch Rising [Reurbanist]

    note: Reurbanist is a site that's dedicated to blogging and writing about retail development in regards to how it can re-invent urban environments.

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    Feb 2012
    Chicago, IL
    Interesting...I've been familiar with downtown Wyandanch since 1959 as I grew up in the town next door. I also worked as a teen "stock clerk" in the King Kullen supermarket on the north edge of downtown from 1968 -1971.

    There's a LOT of bad history, misconceptions and realistic concerns that would have to be overcome for this project to have even a margin of success.

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