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Thread: AICP specialty certification

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    AICP specialty certification

    I did some searching around and didn't find a recent thread on the topic and since the testing window is not open I was curious as to how many have taken or plan to take either the AICP CEP or AICP CTP exam this month. I took the CEP yesterday and have to say the test wasn't too bad. Some very good and relevant questions combined with a few I felt were either too subjective or completely irrelevant. Has anyone else taken it recently?

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    I don't see the benefit yet. Before I spend the money on CEP, I'd take a couple of specialized workshops and focus on getting experience. Why take it if you already work in the field and have a lot of experience? What's next AICP CEP w/AWT (Advanced Wetlands Training) or NEPA sub certs? How about sub sub certs for knowing when to NOT wear a tie or how to mask personal environmental opinions during public speaking events??
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    Well, my collegues would certainly agree that I could use some additional training on when to and/or not wear a tie and when to keep my personal opinions to myself. To be honest, AICP wasn't really a big deal to me until I went into the private sector then it became much more important and relevant. Our company puts a premium on professional development and credentials because that is (at least in part) what helps us win work and demonstrate credibility to our clients. I have been doing environmental work for about the last ten years so I figure this just adds an extra bit of credibility to it.

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    Quote Originally posted by jestes View post
    I have been doing environmental work for about the last ten years so I figure this just adds an extra bit of credibility to it.
    Your probably better off being AEP versus the new APA junk they are hawking, but i am sure you know this already.
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    I took and passed the CTP exam last year. I passed and am happy. The majority that sat for the test failed so they may not ge so happy.

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