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Thread: A week with a Prius

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    A week with a Prius

    The Subaru Legacy is in the shop for auto body work from the hit-and-run, along with replacement of the head gasket and timing belt.

    I'm driving a rental all this week. I decided to go native.

    The Toyota Prius is actually a lot larger than I thought it would be; maybe between the size of a Corolla and Camry. The proportions give it the appearance of a much smaller car, though. It's the opposite of my Legacy, a small car with the proportions of a bigger ride. Driving it feels ... weird. Hums, clicks, whirs, a sense of disconnection from the machine and the road. It seems designed for leisurely hypermiling in the way it accelerates; quite slow, unless you floor the pedal or turn "power" mode on. Sometimes it feels like I'm behind the wheel of a car with a somewhat underpowered internal combustion motor, other times a golf cart.

    The commute to work.

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    Mar 2007
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    Dan, I found your new avatar:

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    I've driven a Camry hybrid but it lacked a little too much in the the oomff department for my taste, particularly on the crowded urban highways of the Boston area where having the extra horsepower is pretty desirable. That said, I definitely respect those that choose to own hybrids (and extend a middle finger to those misogynist a-hole oil tyrants in Saudi Arabia).

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    Jul 2008
    I'd go for a Jetta TDI over a hybrid like a Prius. They both get similar fuel economy except one doesn't require that massive battery. Also it has better acceleration.

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    Nov 2002
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    When I bought my last car I looked at the RAV4 and the Prius (2nd edition). I was surprised to find that the Prius seemed as large or larger, and it was a hatch, which I love.

    Driven it for 3 years, love it. It gets good mileage even when you drive it normally, but if you read up a bit and drive it optimally it gets even better. I get between 36-42 mpg in really crappy stop and go commuting in Boston, more when on a country road. They seem designed for a quiet road with a 45 mph. speed limit, The mpg goes down a bit on the Interstate but still is in the 45 mpg range.

    As for handling, I am not a car jockey, so what do I know. But for an automatic it seems the same as a Corolla or Civic, and it definitely holds more. I moved a dining room table in it.

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