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Thread: Article about sign company requiring their employees to poison trees around their billboards

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    Jun 2003
    De Noc

    Article about sign company requiring their employees to poison trees around their billboards


    Have you seen the results of such practices ? In my fair community I have seen "pruning" leaving tall stumps.
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    Jul 2003
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    Someone sent me that article. Hard to work up much sympathy for the whistleblower/reformed tree poisoner.

    For the most part I don't mind billboards. But this kind of skullduggery is beyond the pale.

    Don't know if I have ever seen anything like that here. Our dry climate makes trees more scarce than back East. So it is easier to erect a billboard along, say the interstate, that won't get blocked by foliage. About the same in town, the billboards are along the major collectors where there aren't a lot of trees.
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    Aug 2001
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    With our governor giving huge payouts to the corporations that back him, Wisconsin's billboard lobby has once again raised a bill that would basically give them carte blanche to cut down any tree on public property that blocks a view of their billboards. It dies when proposed a few years ago, but we can't be so sure it will suffer a similar fate this time around.
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