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Thread: Considering urban planning

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    Feb 2012
    Melbourne, Victoria Australia
    I do consider myself quite creative. Yes, I know that sounds extremely snobbish. But I daresay my two strong skills are spatial imagination, and linking ideas. As in, find out what caused this to happen, and what links that to that, in quite a creative way. If you can think of any other careers which I can use those two skills, please shout them out literally.

    Yes, I am focusing solely upon the whole Urban Planner as a job title. While not considering the other roles I could play with such a degree. Reason for this is simply not knowing that the other careers exist. As long as I can get a good paying job with a degree, which will give me a good quality life with enough savings to retire comfortably, I will be happy.

    What I am going to do, is do a BA in Sociology and Political Science. Afterwards, do a 1.5 professional Masters in Environmental and Town Planning. I want to be both accredited by the Planning Institute and the Environmental Institute, so I will not be stuck in a rut. I am going down the line of flexibility and adaptability are the skills for the future. I can be charismatic if I want to be, albeit I do get tired of occasionally. My ultimate goal would be to open up a consultancy if I do go the Urban Planning path, so I guess that is done with the Entrepreneurship.

    However, I am just worried. Most of the Urban Planning jobs are posted by councils. Fair enough. But they are mostly on fixed term contracts, such as 3 years. I hope to settle down and have a family etc. Stay put in the one place for so many years. Hopefully, this profession will enable such a lifestyle.

    I just have to laugh over the discussion concerning my gender.

    Also, this is the Masters I am considering: http://www.rmit.edu.au/programs/mc072
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    May 2012
    Quote Originally posted by chocolatechip View post
    I doubt you will find in planning what you didn't find in architecture.
    I disagree with this statement. Before I made a (major) career change into planning, I had seriously considered architecture. After doing extensive research first on architecture I realized it wasn't a good fit for me. That lead me to urban planning, and I've been extremely happy with this focus (although admittedly I don't have years of experience under my belt yet to turn me into the pessimistic curmudgeon that seems pretty common on this forum).

    My main advice to the OP is before jumping in to continue doing your research (as you're doing by posting on this forum) to make sure it's a good fit for you. My sense is Australia has more opportunities than the US but you'll need to do more home-based research.

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