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Thread: Stand-alone vending machines as primary uses

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    Stand-alone vending machines as primary uses

    We had a couple of these things pop up recently and are looking to get a handle on them before they are everywhere. I'm looking for definitions, types of permitted districts, and any other suggestions from teh Throbbing BrianTM. I'm also looking to regulate these as a class of uses, not just ice manufacturing/vending machines alone, as I expect more of these sorts of things to come down the line in the future. Thanks!

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    Here's an old thread on it.

    My issues were related to the appearance of the ice houses; they're utilitarian structures with integrated signage that may not otherwise conform to your community's sign regulations. I didn't consider an ice house as a vending machine, since it's not truly portable, and people can enter them completely for maintenance. They're somewhat larger than old Fotomats. It's a building, an thus subject to the same site planning, architectural, landscaping and signage regulations as any other building.

    If you're seeing these pop up as the primary, sole use on a lot, without any other site-built structures, it could be that commercial zoned land in your community is way undervalued, with too much acreage for the demand that's there. If you've got a conventional zoning code, the same kind of minimum building sizes in commercial districts that many codes have for residential districts, could be one answer.

    Are you seeing smaller vending machines, such as Redbox, as principal uses?
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    We have two in town, one on an older commercial corridor that is too small for much development because a good portion of the site is encumbered with flood plain zoning. The other is in a commercial district that has been largely abandoned as the county permitted residential to pop up beyond the freeway (literally right outside our jurisdiction) and now commercial uses that used to be fine here have moved to follow the rooftops. (Partly the result of the commercial buildings becoming obsolete and the owners deciding not to rehab.)

    We don't have any true vending machines as stand-alone uses (no Redboxes, or the like).

    We considered this a building as well and permitted it as such (including water, electric, footer inspections and so forth). Still, I'm wondering what else can be dispensed from automated machines that we currently purchase in a bricks and mortar storefront...

    I'm thinking along the same lines as you Dan -- permit them only in districts where the real estate values are unlikely to permit a ROI that would make them viable.
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    Principle Use

    As a principle use? Sure why not? As long as the zoning supports retail sales and service I'd have no problem with it. I suspect that the intent is not to have this as the sole use of a piece of property but as a component of an existing (or proposed) retail use.

    In that case I would be interested in (1) signage, (2) parking as in - is this taking up required parking spaces? and (3) vehicule/pedestrian circulation - who uses the thing, is it drive up or walk up, will pedestrian users be safe, etc.

    We havea few simliar devices in my fair city which dispense water - the above questions had to be satisfactorily answered.
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