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Thread: Seeking interships and a question

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    Jan 2013
    Memphis, TN

    Seeking interships and a question

    Is it considered appropriate to inquire about the potential for an internship from firms and planning agencies that are not actively seeking one?

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    Jan 2009
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    I'd say yes. Sometimes companies don't know they want to take advatange and under pay an intern until you give them the idea. It's good for you and them.
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    When I was first out of grad school I sent out emails with my resume and a cover letter inquiring about internships with any planning firm I could find even if they did not list anything. I got maybe 10 responses, some boiler plate "keep resume on file", and a few nice emails saying not at the current time but wishing me luck and such. About 6 months after I had sent out the emails and struck out, I was contacted by one of the companies I reached out to asking if I was interested in an internship with them. So while nothing came of it at first, it did get me an opportunity eventually.

    I turned down the position because I had employment at the time, but the way I looked at it was nothing ventured nothing gained. Create a strong resume and a cover letter tailored to each company and maybe something comes of it. What is the worst that can happen?


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    Apr 2013
    the Bible belt
    Totally. One of the towns I serve had an intern who cold-called, and they found him funding through the local university extension office. Who doesn't want an intern?

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