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Thread: Univeristy of Maryland Planning School (masters)

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    Univeristy of Maryland Planning School (masters)

    Hi all,

    Decided on UMD's planning program for Fall of 2012. Just wondering if anyone has any thoughts on Maryland. For me the price is right (in-state) and I still have a job 20 minutes from campus. I just have not read any info on forums about the prestige of the program?

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    I didn't study planning so I can't speak too confidently on the program, but since no one has responded, I can at least shed some light onto the program from an outsider's perspective as I studied architecture at Maryland (who is now looking to study urban planning). Despite being associated with a design school, it very much is a policy based program. Most students I'm aware of don't have design experience nor are their design studios in the curriculum. However, since due to its presence within a design school, it tends to get overshadowed by architecture. (Both arch undergrad and grad students can be condescending to planning at times...) Some graduates of the program have gone on to do amazing things, some of whom I work with and see often, yet from what they tell me, it very much requires a knowledge of how one will use their specialty to their advantage. I feel like the advice is similar to many people graduating with a planning degree due to the way the economy is at the moment. A friend said that Maryland has an indirect focus on community planning due to the research focus of a few of the main professors in the program; I'm not sure that is necessarily the tone in which they market themselves.

    In the DC/Baltimore region, the degree is very much respected. I can't speak too much for how it translates onto a national scale, but I'm sure it will be considered positively across the board.

    Maryland overall tends to be dominated by undergrads, but that's starting to change. Towson will soon be the main school for undergrads in Maryland which will make College Park the main campus geared towards graduate school.

    It's a great school so I think you'll be very happy. Congrats on getting accepted!

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    Thanks for the info!

    Wanted to go to Cornell, however could not justify spending twice the money. Maybe for law school but not the financial return promised from planning school. Besides, I like UMD due to the location. It's right in the middle of everything.

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