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Thread: Student entrepreneurs

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    Student entrepreneurs

    How many students (or former students) have had a business while in college? It seems to me to meake sense. No, students are not likely to be in a position to market planning per se, but how about connecting with consultants (especially small ones) to offer CAD, GIS, or illustration skills, write an application, build a database, etc.? Hey, right now I can tell you of planners/landscape architects/engineers using services out of india to do renderings. Maybe it is something outside of planning, like setting up a cart to sell gelato on campus, or a dog walking service? Hmmm? Anybody entrepreneurial students out there?
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    When I was in grad school I was referred by one of my professors to some of the undergrad students to offer some GIS tutoring which I did for $20 a session. I then was able to parlay that into a few gigs for some quick data analysis, site selection, and location assistance work with a few local firms/consultants.

    I had a friend in grad school who was working on starting up a retail store in Detroit while he was still a student and opened the doors shortly before graduating, and it seems to be going pretty strong today.

    When I was in undergrad, I knew a couple of guys who had started a landscaping business and they usually made enough each summer to pay for their courses.
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