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Poll results: local preference?

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  • Yes we do, HUD discriminates under Sec 8, so we can too, so there

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  • Yes we do it becasue I said so

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  • Yes we do it but for a more intelligent reason (see below)

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  • No, it's discriminatory under FHA

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  • No, it's a PITA to administrate

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  • No it violates everything! Avast ye mates!

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  • No, but for a more intelligent reason

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  • I have no idea wth you are talking about

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  • Why do you hate America

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  • I don't do housing, never, ever

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  • LP, really?

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Thread: pfft, is this mic on? all Texas and Illinois planners please check in here pfft pfft

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    Aug 2005
    in a meeting

    pfft, is this mic on? all Texas and Illinois planners please check in here pfft pfft

    I have a question to ask...

    I got the California perspective from the Raf, but I want 2 other states...

    Here is the question:

    there are cities/towns in your respective state that have local preference in affordable housing projects - that is, you set aside a certain percentage of units for folks who reside and/or work in the community -

    take the poll and explain below

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    I'm neither Texas nor Illinois, but FWIW, requiring inclusionary housing is illegal in Oregon. We do trade for it in the PUD process however.

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    Hmm, that's a good question. Right now, the only box I'm allowed to think about is so boringly focused on existing historic housing, and I am punished for paying attention to anyone else's agenda. This town does have some history in affordable housing, but I don't know the details off the top of my head.

    Let me take a look around and get back to you/the poll.
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    I've personally used them when negotiating a PUD, and also as a negotiated requirement of a consent & development agreement to create a special district (MUD, WCID, etc.). We had a comprehensive plan goal to promote affordable/attainable housing along with a goal to mix incomes & housing types to avoid concentrations of poverty and discourage displacement through gentrification.

    I've never tackled inclusionary housing as a stated ordinance requirement--mine have always been in the context of a negotiation for some type of agreement. I've seen some cities that have created specific minimum requirements for PUDs & special district consents that contain an affordability standard. In the case of Austin, I've also seen them used as a requirement to utilize an alternative regulatory scheme. Austin has tried to deal with gentrification/displacement issues via a number of avenues, and would be an excellent resource. In fact, when it comes to this topic I would recommend contacting the City of Austin Planning Department. You can PM me for a contact person. She won't necessarily know the answer, but she is very responsive and can get you to the right person.

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    - Herman Göring at the Nuremburg trials (thoughts on democracy)

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