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Thread: Phone interviews: entry level planner

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    Phone interviews: entry level planner

    Hi all,

    I was looking through the threads and hadn't seen anything specific on this.

    I have 2 phone interviews next week... and I've never done phone interviews before. (1 for Asst. Planner & another for Planning Tech.)

    What advice would you give for these and what to focus on? I usually do pretty well on in person interviews, I'm just trying to prepare the best I can for this type. Any advice/help would be great! Thanks!

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    Know the community. Know the position. Look at their code and how you fit with the job description. Make an effort to honestly answer their questions and not get too flowery. I can't explain how much I hate asking a question and having someone answer it with some random answer that doesn't touch on what I am saying.

    If you can't answer, or if you don't have the experience that they are asking about - say I don't have the exact answer or experience, but....

    Relating is fine. Rambling is not. Good luck.
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    My first entry level job started with a phone interview as well (me speaking with just the PD and AD), but I've also had phone interviews with an entire panel. Those can be a little bit more rough and it really can feel awkward knowing it's just you talking to a group of people on the other end.

    Be as prepared with your answers as possible. You might not know exactly what they're going to ask but based on the job description you should be able to make some educated guesses. Make sure you can provide examples of your work/academic experience and how it will contribute to what they're looking for. So, as Hink was eluding, the more you know about the organization and job itself, the better prepared you will be.

    Also, try to be short and direct with your responses. When you are not making eye contact with a person, it is harder for that person to listen and maintain complete attention and focus. Phone conversations tend to be a little bit more utilitarian and less conversational than in person, and I think it works the same way with interviews.
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