I've been thinking about applying to some PhD programs within the next couple of years and was hoping for some input.

Undergrad in finance and economics from a top 20 public university with a B average gpa.
Master's in urban planning from a decent program with a 3.8 gpa (part-time).
GRE (3 years ago and didn't really study much): 1000 combined and a 4 on the analytical writing section. I intend on retaking the GREs again this fall.
Experience: several years in social work, community development, and affordable housing.

The reason I want to get a PhD is I eventually want to do research/advocacy/public policy in the areas of affordable housing and community development. Also, I'd be interested in teaching part-time at a small college/university or community college.

Some of the programs that I've been at looking at:
U of Maryland
Ohio State U
Texas A&M
U of Texas Arlington
Portland State
U of Louisville

I'd appreciate any feedback from folks that have applied to phd programs and especially from those that are familiar with the programs mentioned above. What are my chances? Funding opportunities?
Were you able to submit a master's thesis as part of your application package? The reason I ask is because most application deadlines are in late fall and I don't think I'll have my paper complete until the following spring.