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Thread: Terms for apartment building amenities structure

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    Terms for apartment building amenities structure

    What do you call the common amenities structure in an apartment building or subdivision? I want to call it a 'club house' but that's probably just a cheesy marketing term. Someone I'm working with is calling it a community center (which it's not since it will not be open to the public). I want to reply with a list of alternative terms he can use.

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    common space
    Anyone want to adopt a dog?

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    Thanks, I'm going to go with common area.

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    I've got one on my desk calling it a club house, but maybe those old folks just want to feel young? I agree community center isn't right. He can put whatever he wants on the signs when it gets built.

    Common area
    Shared space
    Amenity area/building/zone
    Entertainment area
    Social area

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    The back story on this is interesting as it's a city initiated development, being run out of the city's CD department, with the actual developer being the local housing authority. It was a grant writer with the city that was calling it a community center in correspondence. He should know better.

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