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Thread: New Mystery Novel Offers Positive Vision of the Future

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    Sep 2007

    New Mystery Novel Offers Positive Vision of the Future

    We will never create the future we want if we can not first envision it. It is easy to find examples of how bad things can be but almost no examples of a future that really works.

    Here is a solution.

    Please take a look at my recently published futuristic mystery "From Here to There: A Story of America's Future" and join the conversation surrounding what we can do to make it through this time.

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    Hi Zpaiss. Glad to have you around again. Please feel free to discuss your book here, but just linking to a page that doesn't have a copy of the book, just the ability to buy a book, is not very helpful to our community.

    We would love to start a discussion on the book as it seems like a pretty interesting urban planning read. Please give us some more details and plot. Start the conversation.
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