As I am in the final per-prep stages of the paint the house project, I have been researching what are the right tools for the job. Since it is a big house, I don't want to be playing around. So recently, I bought a paint shaver and just today I bought an airless paint sprayer. I looked into renting each of these only to realize that buying them would be less expensive if I spent more that 3 days using them.

Now, I know I could have used a hand scraper and a paint brush, but it would result in a several year project to paint my house. The right tools will result in a better job in less time.

But the same thing goes for most areas in life.

What are some situations where you wished you had the right tools to complete a project? What are some cases where you had to improvise and get creative to get it done? Can youn provide examples of where the right tools made all the difference in the world?