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Thread: Dog training land use?

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    Jul 2009

    Dog training land use?

    Does anyone (preferably practicing planners) have any insights as to where to categorize an outdoor dog-training business use? Has anyone ever seen it allowed in an adaptive reuse (AR) district?

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    Mar 1996
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    Interesting question! This is one of those cases where I again say that defined uses in zoning codes should be broad and few, rather than narrow and many.

    Anyhow, indoor dog training? In a rural area, it seems equivalent to an equestrian use. Urban, maybe instructional facility? Outdoor entertainment? Many dog day care establishments offer dog training, so where you might have made a previous interpretation or the code allows it as a use in some district, maybe make an interpretation that it applies to training?

    I've seen agility clubs in industrial areas in many cities, because the space is cheap.
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