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Thread: Please include descriptions and contact information with job listings

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    Please include descriptions and contact information with job listings

    We appreciate the job postings made by other Cyburbia Forums members, and think they're a great service to the many who are looking for work in planning. Unfortunately, some of those listings don't include any contact information; no email addresses, Web sites, or physical addresses where one can mail their resume. Job hunting is already frustrating enough. so let's make it a bit easier on others.

    If you post a job listing, please include the following:

    * Employer, location and job title.

    Good: "Planner II, City of Springfield CA"
    Not so good: "Jobs in California"

    * A complete job description.

    Good: a description of the job functions and qualifications.
    Not so good: a link to the description on another Web site, or nothing at all.

    * A link to an application, or an attached .pdf or Word file of the application, if one is required.

    Good: a link to an online application form or a page where the application can be downloaded.
    Not so good: a link to the front page of a city's Web site.

    * A contact address, preferably physical.

    Good: mailing address, or mailing and email address.
    Bad: "Google is your friend."

    Please see the updated Job Board rules post for more information. Thanks!
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