In one of the old house forum boards that I read, the author is also a Geek (not a derogatory term…) and he posted a thread about protecting your online data and identity in the wake of a crazy hacking situation that happened a few weeks ago.

In short a hacker got bits of information from different places and it was enough to reset some e-mail passwords which then reset all the other passwords, which let them take over his twitter page and totally clear out his iPhone, iPad, and MacBook.

After reading the bog and the article, I changed my Gmail setup to a two-step verification process. When I get home, I am also going to make sure that I back everything up too. Because I do so much of my stuff online, including having full remote access to several computers at client offices, I don’t like the idea of chancing it in fear that something bad might happen. Additionally, I would like to see a standard network security alliance protocol formed to prevent something like this from happening again.

In an age with we do more and more on the internet, are you worried about your online data and identity? Do you have any suggestions for other people? Have you taken advanced steps to prevent someone hacking your life? What are your thoughts about different companies having different security protocols?