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Thread: How long before grad school deadline should I apply?

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    Aug 2012
    The Pleasure Center

    How long before grad school deadline should I apply?

    I am applying to several U.S. urban planning programs that begin in Fall 2013. Most of the schools I am applying to have a deadline in January and February, but it may be prudent to apply earlier, given competition. In an extreme example, I heard that all University of Pittsburgh programs will fill early as Penn State becomes less desirable, and far fewer prospective students apply there. Of course, given how insanely competitive graduate school admissions are today compared with five years ago, I imagine I'll hear more horror stories.

    So how long before the deadline should I submit my applications? Would an early submission give me an edge? If it helps, I have taken the GRE, have identified programs, and expect my reccomendation letters sometime in September. The applications themselves should take only take me a few weeks to complete thoughtfully.

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    Jul 2008
    Most admission committees won't even meet till after all the applications are received so it shouldn't make any difference as to when you get your stuff there. The exception to this is if the school does rolling admissions but even then, I don't think it'd make much difference as long as the application is in in a timely manner. Professors really don't have much time to look at applications till the spring semester is well underway.

    So to answer your question; as long as everything is in before the application deadline, it shouldn't make any difference on your acceptance chances. Applying earlier just ensures you have sufficient time to make sure all your application materials are received.

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