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Thread: Price check on aisle 2

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    Price check on aisle 2

    What do things cost locally?

    On Labor Day I stopped at the grocery store and they had a sale on corn 12 ears for $3. Sales like that are pretty common during the summer but the price for corn on the cob jumps considerably out of season.
    Also locally there are a number of blueberry farms. We picked up a 10 lb. box at one of them last month for $23. I'm guessing that's comparatively on the cheap side? Again, the price jumps when they're not in season.
    Halloween is right around the corner. We'll probably stop at a local farm and walk through the corn maze and pick up a trunk full of pumpkins. The prices depend upon size, but I expect to pay around $5 - 6 for large jack-o-lantern.
    What does corn cost elsewhere in the country? Pumpkins?
    How much do lobsters go for in Maine - are they any cheaper there than here?

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    Aug 2001
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    Sweet corn from a roadside stand - about $5/dozen. Anything at a farm market costs more than it does retail.

    I won't buy it from a supermarket.

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    I know I'm in the same state as Maister (but on the other side) but my wife and daughter were able to go to a u-pick place a few weeks ago and get about 10 pounds of blueberries for $15. We ate them in absolutely EVERYTHING for a week+ and thankfully our youngest really likes them and probably ate half of them by herself. We froze a bunch and have still been doling them out for various things.

    This time of year, I can usually find corn for about 25¢ an ear at the grocery store or the roadside stands. If I keep an eye out, I can occasionally find it for as cheap as 10¢ or 15¢ at Kroger which is pretty hard to pass up as long as it appears to be good quality.

    My dad still puts up bales of hay and straw and even though I've got no skin in the game I always like to ask him how much they are each going for. I think the last time I asked him a couple of weeks ago, he was only getting about $3 a bale for each. The price can vary a lot from week to week and even vary quite a bit just going a few counties away. A couple of years ago when much of the state of Michigan was experiencing a particularly dry, hot, summer but our area around Detroit was in better shape, he was getting close to $12 a bale for straw and $6 for hay. At one of the big farm auctions in the center of the state, there were a few weeks where straw was going for near $20 a bale which was unheard of. I live in a pricey area and this time of year, our local farmers market starts selling tiny bales of straw for $25 to be used as Halloween decorations (they are about a third of the normal size). What an absolute waste of money! I was laughing about it with my dad so we went out to the barn, cut open a few regular bales, adjusted the knotting mechanism on the baler and feed the straw in manually and made our own mini ones. I told him we should go into business together - I could save the money of renting a spot at the market and just sell them door to door!
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