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Thread: Small town, big sustainable plans

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    Aug 2012
    Albany CA

    Small town, big sustainable plans

    Hi Everyone

    I am a member of the local advocacy group Albany Strollers and Rollers and I have an idea. I would like to salt every job opening in our little town with applications from the best sustainable civil engineers from around the country. I'm trying to target my audience because I've run into planners who don't have my best interests at heart and I would really rather not offer them a job.

    I live in a small town on the bay just north of Berkeley CA and we have an opening for a public works director/civil engineer. Here's the listing *LINK REMOVED.

    Sorry to skirt the normal job thread on this forum but perhaps you can understand my reason.

    Typically I run this ad by the Univ depts so they can add it to their job boards. So far I've got UofO SCI, Upenn Sustainable Transportation and Infrastructure Planning, Univ of Ill Urbana-Champaign urban and regional planning but I don't know how to contact their sustainable people and they're not answering their phone, and the univ of SoCal price school but again I don;t know how to get in touch with their sustainable people.

    Any suggestions?


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