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Thread: UTNE Reader article: Zombies Invade Teton County

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    UTNE Reader article: Zombies Invade Teton County

    Teton County is a real estate disaster, probably the worst in the rural West. There are thousands of acres of incomplete subdivisions—nicknamed “zombies” because they look partially or totally dead. About 7,200 lots that were approved and mapped out, or platted, still stand vacant. Many of these vacant lots are marooned without good roads and utilities.

    Do you know of any other large tracts that qualify as zombie subdivisions ?
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    depends on what you define as "large"...there's more than a few 50-100 acre zombie subdivisions in the Chicago metro area.

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    Quote Originally posted by JNA View post

    Do you know of any other large tracts that qualify as zombie subdivisions ?
    There are discussion at the Western Planners conference about "zombie" subdivisions. One of the presenters pointed out that the population of Teton County is a little over 10,000 and the number of unsold lots is about 7,500. So Teton County is well prepared for a significant growth spurt.

    Teton County became the mess it is today, because workers in Jackson and the Grand Tetons area could not afford to buy or even rent where they worked. So over the mountains they went, to drive until they qualify. Then they were followed by the well-to-do people who couldn't afford Jackson Hole anymore either. There was a glut of subdivision approvals, as people speculated on a real estate bubble that did not seem it would ever pop. And it did.

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    The outskirts of Horizon City, Texas was a notorious one for a while, huge areas. http://goo.gl/maps/UWmQ4
    Some time I had read the details on how it happened, but I can't find it now. Lots of subdivisons laid out, but few beyond a road base or even a cleared path in the scrub brush (and a line on a Google map).

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