I am looking to understand the basic difference between these two models of transportation planning and would like to be able to answer these questions. Would really really appreciate a speedy answer. And even if you have any specific comments/views on any of the questions or its parts, please do write and can write a detailed answer later also.

1. What model are Indian (and if you know of any specific Asian city) cities following to manage and forecast their traffic.
2. How is the data needed for activity based modeling different from trip based modeling. I understood the basic difference but could someone tell (as I am not familiar with transportation planning language) as to intuitively how both are different in the data/information they need; difference in their outputs, equations and variables and so on
3.If there is a one to one mapping between the 4 steps of trip model (trip generation, trip distribution, mode choice, and trip assignment) to the steps in activity modeling. i.e. what is the corresponding step in activity modeling to Trip generation and the corresponding step to trip distribution and so on)

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