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Thread: Texas Agenda 21 frenzy

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    Texas Agenda 21 frenzy

    Judge Tom Head, Lubbock County judge, on the imminent civil war if Obama is re-elected.

    In case you wanted a summation of what's going on in Texas at the moment in regards to Agenda 21, look no further: http://t.co/acYZ7ioH.

    It appears Garland's 2030 Plan has now been on high center for many months as a result of this opposition - has anybody by chance come across this directly in meetings? APA has done some webinars on approaches to handling, but these mostly deal with messaging. Does anyone else know of good resources?

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    Quote Originally posted by developmentguru View post
    Does anyone else know of good resources?
    I know we've had a couple threads discussing these clueless nutters, but I can't remember if we pointed to any messaging. I thought I was going to have some at a series of talks I gave recently, and set up the staff for the possibility and had some phrases ready to go, but I didn't get these tactics from any source.

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    Wow, the need to raise tax rates to fight a UN invasion? That's more messed up irony than an Alanis Morrissette song.

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