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Thread: Childhood aeronautic concerns

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    Feb 2004
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    Childhood aeronautic concerns

    Just got off the phone with Junior a minute ago and he was in tears because the World's Best Plane broke in two! This weekend I bought him a balsa wood flyer (powered with a rubber band) You know the ones I'm talking about - the kind you probably had as a kid. https://nt8.magma.ca/technomuses.ca/..._e.asp?pid=706

    He must have spent two hours playing with that silly thing yesterday. He has a fancy schmancy $55 battery-powered radio controlled airplane which he played with one time and never bothered to take it out of the box again and he's crushed...CRUSHED that his cheesy rubber band plane broke.

    I guess he's a chip off the ol' block in that he favors the low tech entertainment, but I thought kids nowadays were supposed to be enamoured of everything electronic?

    Anyone have a radio controlled plane as a kid (or even as a big kid)? What about rockets? How about plastic models of airplanes? And how about the good ol' rubber band planes?
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    Personally still fond of those big styrofoam gliders that snap so easy? My kids like those too. Also paper airplanes. For my son's "Superstar" day at first grade I folded paper airplanes for his whole class and taught them how to do it. I was a hero. Give a kid a plane, he's happy for an hour. Teach a kid how to have fun and he'll stay out of your hair all day.

    PS you are such a Luddite, Maist.

    Those Airhog planes can be a lot of fun, too. We have had a couple of those.
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    Quote Originally posted by Maister View post
    Anyone have a radio controlled plane as a kid (or even as a big kid)? What about rockets? How about plastic models of airplanes? And how about the good ol' rubber band planes?
    NO, Estes rockets engines with a M-80 , Yes, Yes

    And yes to balsa wood & foam gliders

    There is a family picture of me at age 4 ? just before boarding a Constellation airplane to fly from EWR to LAX.

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    I have one of those $50 mini radio-controlled helicopters that is small enough you can fly it around indoors. It's an AH64 Apache replica. It works quite well, too, and it's fun to see the cat's reaction to it every time I bring it out.

    Never had a radio controlled airplane, but knowing me I would have crashed it within a day slamming into a neighbor's house or the ground, so probably better that way.
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    I always have loved those little balsa wood planes and the little styrofoam planes (and the big styrofoam ones too) and played with them a lot growing up. The kids who live kitty-corner behind our house play with those big ones and I often secretly wish one would land in my yard so I could confiscate it.

    I never got into remote controlled planes or model rockets but a childhood friend of mine became a high school science teacher and takes his students down to a model rocket competition put on by NASA each year in Virginia. I never realized model rockets were such a big deal.

    There is an undeveloped field across from my office where people go to fly model airplanes all day. Some of them are large enough that when I first started seeing them, and didn't realize that was a popular spot to fly model planes, I mistook them for small airplanes headed towards the local airport.
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