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Thread: Second interview for an assistant planner position

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    Mar 2008
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    Second interview for an assistant planner position

    Hello all.

    I posted awhile back in the Introduce Yourself section about me being new to this forum. Thanks to those that took the time to read and respond.

    Anyway, I have a second interview for an Assistant Planner position at the end of the week. I was informed after receiving my first interview results that they would only conduct second interviews down to the people selected (there are 2 openings and I was 5th on the list), so I may or may not be called. So yes, I was called.

    I don't want to get my hopes up, but I'm really excited for making it this far. I couldn't find the thread regarding what to expect for a second interview, but I'm guessing I can expect a behavioral type of interview.

    Especially since this is an entry-level position, what else can I expect? Any other tips would be kindly appreciated because I really want this position. Thank you once again.

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    Depending on what you did during your first interview, you may want to bring samples of work (a portfolio). This the interview where you really sell yourself as an asset to the department, so visual aids are always helpful. Bring questions about the position, the type of work and current projects, really show that you have done your homework and ready to be part of the team. Best of Luck! I am interviewing/applying for jobs too!
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    Any tips on what to include in your portfolio?

    GIS mapping, AutoCAD drawings... Adobe? Google Siketchup? I am appling to a current planning position...

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    Quote Originally posted by Cdazzle View post
    Any tips on what to include in your portfolio?

    GIS mapping, AutoCAD drawings... Adobe? Google Siketchup? I am appling to a current planning position...
    Is this a public or private sector gig?
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    Things like this. Click image for larger version

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    If it's a public job I would expect the usual life goals kind of questions along with what do you know about this job like:
    Tell me what you know about platting process or
    What would you do if you make a mistake on a permit that you approved.
    Somewhere should be a forum with lots of interview questions, but I expect to get some technical stuff if you haven't done it already.
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    Public sector... GIS really seems like the only relevant skill but the others might impress them...

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