Hello everyone,

I have browsed the forums for some posts on this and have found lots of info already but I have a few questions. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

I am third year student in Australia undertaking a course in Urban and Environmental Planning. A requirement of my degree is that I must undertake an internship/work experience for a period of 30 (business) days between November this year and the end of February. I would like to do this in the US and I am arranging visas/flights etc at the moment.
Ideally, I would like to work in North/South Carolina (Charlotte, Charleston or Columbia) (I have visited before).

It is difficult to know (from Australia) whether there are many placements going - especially around this time of year. I assumed that perhaps with the economy the way it is that people would be happy to take on free staff but then again I may be wrong. Thoughts?

Also, I am having trouble finding companies to apply for - any suggestions would be great. I have been sending emails with cover letters and resumes attached but have not had much of a response. Are emails the best way to go about this or should I try and call?

I am currently doing unpaid work experience in a local government organisation here so I do have some minor hands on experience, I also have a healthy employment record and decent grades.

Thanks very much for the help.