We're excited to announce that the new PlannersWeb.com site is now open, replacing the Planning Commissioners Journal, our 20 year old print publication.

Rather than our taking your time here to tell you what you'll find on the PlannersWeb, take 10 or 15 minutes to browse through the site when you have time for a break.

We've also posted a brief "tour" of the site.

The PlannersWeb is a membership-based site. That's how we'll be staying in business. We offer substantial discounts for group memberships -- ideal for our primary audience: members of local planning commissions and boards -- bringing the annual cost of membership down to $10 or less per member.

While we hope you'll sign up as a member, you're also welcome to subscribe to our free email update newsletter.

If you have suggestions for topics we might cover in the coming months, feel free to send us a message.