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Thread: Advice? Graphic standards for attractive maps

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    Advice? Graphic standards for attractive maps


    I'm trying to find some sort of publication or research with graphic standards for attractive community plan maps. I've seen the color codes for zoning maps but I was hoping there might be a standard set of symbols, line weights, hatch styles, etc...

    If someone were to want to make a map - what kind of visual 'style sheet' would they work with?


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    Oct 2001
    I'd subscribe to the ESRI magazines. They often have great articles on how to create attractive maps. Good luck.

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    Oct 2011
    There isn't really a standard in place. Even zoning colors aren't really standardized although ESRI has been trying. As one of my GIS profs put it, cartographers want to feel like they are artist, would you ever tell Picasso he's using the wrong red? That being said, ESRI has a lot of good resources that show you how to take common graphic design rules and apply them to map making. That's your best bet,

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