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Thread: Codes concerning donation boxes

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    Codes concerning donation boxes

    Anyone know of any communities having codes specifically related to the location and/or use of donation boxes? Thanks in advance.
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    Looking to establish minimums?

    Anyhow, from Hutto, Texas.

    Special use in B-1, B-2 (business) and I-1 districts.

    In general use provisions:

    10.311.4 Donation box

    10.311.4.1 Definition
    Donation box: container or structure located outside of an enclosed building, used for collection of charitable or for-profit donated items.

    10.311.4.2 Permitted locations
    Donation boxes are considered subject to special exception review in the B-1, B-2 and I-1 districts. Special exception approval applies for two years. After two years, the donation drop-off box must be removed, or the special exception approval renewed.

    10.311.4.3 Conditions

    One donation box may be placed on a property.

    Donation boxes cannot obstruct pedestrian or vehicular circulation, nor be located in public rights-of-way, required building setbacks, landscape areas, areas in front of the primary building on the site, drive aisles, required parking spaces, fire lanes, loading zones, or other unsafe location.

    Donation boxes may have a capacity of ≤6 cubic yards (162’3), and a height of ≤6.5’.

    Donation boxes must be painted or coated in a color that is compatible with the context of its setting. Bright primary, fluorescent or contrasting colors are prohibited.

    Donation boxes must be clearly marked with:
    • The specific items and materials requested for donation;
    • The name of the operator or owners of the donation container;
    • A local telephone number where the owner, operator or agent of the owner or operator may be reached at any time, and;
    • A notice stating that no items or materials may be left outside of the box.

    Donated items must be collected and stored in the box. Donated items cannot be left outside of boxes. Donations not fully enclosed in a donation box are considered a zoning violation and public nuisance, with the donations and box subject to removal by the city at the owner’s expense.

    Here's a earlier thread with some other references to codes regarding donation boxes.
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    A few towns in MA have started to regulate the placement of clothing collection bins and may be worth looking into.


    You may also want to check out the Secondary Materials and Recycled Textiles (SMART) Association, for more information about the recycled textile industry in general. There's a lot of great information there - http://www.smartasn.org/

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