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Thread: iPhone Mania

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    "Siri, where can I find weed?"

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    Quote Originally posted by michaelskis View post
    Where did you get the pink otter box? The wife wants one. I am going for some case that is waterproof that a buddy has for his 4s. They don't have them for the 5 yet.
    I got it from the AT&T store, it has a gray accent color. On otterbox's website it says that case is on back order, so I would call around.
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    Quote Originally posted by DetroitPlanner View post
    Yesterday work gave me a smart phone to replace my desk phone. Has anyone else had this happen to them? I can see this being more of a pain than a benefit. Who knows, I might get calls from irate politicians at 3am Saturday because some work crew is resurfacing a street in front of their business!

    I guess it has unlimited texts and internet access though I sure don't want to use any of them!
    My work issued me an Android over a year ago after the local media got my personal phone number. I still have a desk phone. The only time I check the Android is after hours for emails. Otherwise, it's off and on the charger. And I don't understand the apps thingie. I'm ignorant in that arena.
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    Here is an interesting article for some of you -

    City planner extraordinaire: Tips, tricks, and hints for Venture Towns on iPhone and Android

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