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Thread: Profanity in the workplace

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    Jan 2009
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    I'm not big on using language ouside of one on one meetings, but I'm not going to kill someone for using it in a staff meeting. I also wouldn't be rude enough to interupt the person talking to me and giving me advice on something. I used to have a boss that would interupt everyone in meetings. We all got togehter and started using the same line on him until he learned...Sorry for interupting your interuption, but...
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    Nov 2009
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    Wow. I can't stand being interrupted. I have been known to interrupt interrupters to inform them they just interrupted someone and to please let them finish speaking. If someone interrupted me at a meeting it would make me cringe, but if they whistled and called to me like a dog, I would be very very displeased. I'm not sure I would curse; probably not since I don't swear that much anyway, but I would find it exceptionally difficult to not confront my boss about that later. If I didn't, I know it would bother me for weeks and I would ultimately lose most of my respect for that person.

    I can't blame you for losing your cool; particularly if it happens frequently. It sounds like apologies all around are in order. I hope your boss acknowledged how his actions demeaned you and apologized for it.
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    May 2004
    Bummer I missed this thread the first time around. I don't drop f bombs in the office and never have. I do use the term "shit" more often than I should. Like "I can't believe we have to deal with this shit again" or "what a pile of shit this is". But I absolutely never use any foul language in staff meetings or public meetings. When I am out in the field with the PW guys though- all bets are off.

    I have had bosses who drop the f bomb alot though. One boss I had use to jokingly say f u everytime I asked him to do something, but it was a good natured f u. Another guy i worked with used the f word pretty much on a daily basis. One time I asked him a question and his response was "Fuck" and then he just walked off mumbling to himself. I though that was rather inappropriate.

    As far as the OP scenario, I don't think the terminology used was that out of place considering the rudeness of the interupter.
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